Last Mortgage Payment… EVER!

Sharon and I live a very simple lifestyle. That is part of what brought us together1. Today, all the scrimping and saving paid off a little. From this day forward, we should never have another mortgage payment for our home.2

This is huge. Prior to this, nearly $1000 every month was required to go to the bank to pay for our home. From this day forward, that money stays in our pockets to go towards other things. I have to confess, we did cheat a little bit. As of this payment we still have $7270.12 outstanding3, but with the sale of our house that goes away.

My mother has always been worried that Sharon and I are impoverished because she has never seen our wealth. I feel differently, I feel pretty wealthy knowing that the things I own, I own outright. From now on, almost4 everything I earn, I get to keep.

Simplicity makes for a good life.

  1. really its a similar attitude toward life in general, of which living a simple life is a symptom 

  2. Just as our interest rate went up too! 

  3. ~1 year, something I’m still proud of, even with the cheat 

  4. I say almost because I can’t figure out a way to not pay taxes 

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