Portage La Prairie to Ignace

We crossed into Ontario this afternoon (Tuesday). We decided to have an easier day and have made it to about 2 hours west of Thunder Bay.

Northern Ontario is very similar to BC; lots of forest, rocks and lakes. We stopped in the very pretty town of Kenora around noon. Kenora sits on a huge lake and everyone there seems to own a boat.

Chimutisk suddenly had a huge burst of energy this evening. He ran, or rather bounced, through the long grass, he was excited about something… we don’t know what. It is wonderful to see him spry again.

Tonight we are staying at the Westwood Motel in Ignace, Ontario. Our motel room is not that great, I wouldn’t recommend staying here. There is no coffee pot or wireless internet (although they advertise they do) the towels are threadbare, everything is old, worn and grungy looking. Just as well we’ll be moving on tomorrow. I’m typing this hoping that we can find an internet connection somewhere tomorrow morning so I can post.

Tomorrow we should hit the Great Lakes. Kavius has never seen the lakes and his first sight will be that of Lake Superior, the largest lake. I think he’ll be in awe.

Our Vehicle for the Cross-Country Trip
Ignace Park Sign
Isn't loitering the point to a park?

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