First Day in Nova Scotia

First up… I’m a little annoyed with the motel (Hillcrest Motel, Pugwash, Nova Scotia). The place is very new, still smells of new carpet, however this means that there is no internet yet (internet was advertised), and no phone in the room. I believe the owner has been spending too much time watching the Home & Garden channel as well; the room has a lot of very nice furniture, but its layout means that the room is unusable as a motel room: not enough counter space for toothbrushes and suitcases. It’s unfortunate, but at this point I’m too tired to worried about it.

Today we made two touristy stops: we saw the longest covered bridge in the world, and we stopped at the Magnetic Hill. Magnetic Hill was lame, about the only cool part about it was the fact that I got my trailer turned around at the bottom, that was an awesome feat of driving: single lane road, car with a long wheel base. The covered bridge was interesting, but it was The Wife’s detour, so I’ll let her tell of it.

Driving in Nova Scotia is interesting, narrow road, no shoulder, 90 k and hour… On the highway, you are expected to slow down for construction workers… to 90. Alberta driving laws are for wusses!

Entrance sign for province of Nova Scotia

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