Last Leg

People often tell me I drive like an old lady1, but today, I drove through Montreal, with a small car and trailer, and I enjoyed it. For those of you that don’t know about Montreal driving, it involved ignoring the posted limit of 70, and keeping up with everyone doing 100 on very narrow lanes with short yields to either side. I found it invigorating2.

I don’t want to give the wrong impression, Quebec drivers are awesome. With all that traffic on a narrow road, and driving so fast, I never felt in danger once. The traffic smoothly flowed through the entire way. It keeps you on your toes3 but its safe.

As we got back on the highway, we noticed a sign. It was obviously meant to represent a family swimming pool4 but what caught my eye was the iconographer had taken the time to draw the butt cheeks in: not a sign you would see in Alberta. The sign was labelled Centre Naturiste DSA. I was happy to see that there are places in the world where nudism is so acceptable as to have highway signage.

As I write this (15:17), The Wife has just taken over driving for the day and it is raining heavily. I am grateful it is her, not me. We just had an argument over how many times I am allowed to moo in a day. I say I have mooed at every cow we have passed; she says I am only mooing once a day. She also says she is not fed up with me at all… I’m not trying had enough.

17:05 – Quebec

18:06 – New Brunswick

  1. in fact, my nohkom has told me I drive like an old lady 

  2. I didn't need my morning coffee until much later, when the adrenaline wore off 

  3. also it dries your eyes (from no blinking) and moisturizes your hands (from sweaty palms)  

  4. it was a rear silhouette of three people, a male, female,and child standing over water 


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