Asbestos Underwear

Thursday was our weekly run into town to pick up things we didn’t realize we needed until we didn’t have them. Today’s grand purchase, that I am very excited about, was Asbestos Underwear! Ok, so they were fire resistant gloves, I just like the sound of the word Asbestos.

Since December, I have been tending a wood fired furnace to keep our house warm, and not all of the wood is small. This means I either have to chop it up or (if the fire is hot enough) carefully manoeuvre giant logs through a tiny door to gently place the log in just the right place without smashing it through the brick work.

In doing so I have learned two very important things:

  1. Metal doors heat up when used to contain a fire for the entire day
  2. There is a direct relationship between my touching metal doors on furnaces, and a strong soap-like taste in my mouth.
Steven Raichlen SR8038 Extra Long Suede Gloves, Pair
Heat & Fire Hand-Protectors

So, in defence of my dainty little fingers, I purchased a pair of fire resistant gauntlets. I thoroughly expect this investment to pay for itself quickly through reduced usage of burn salve and soap.

I am very excited to have got the last pair from the local hardware store and am itching to put them on and test them out. Having said that,  I am a starting to have a doubt. I just looked online and found a pair for $100…

I paid $13.

One thought on “Asbestos Underwear”

  1. My $13 gloves don’t work. I don’t get it. I’ve got them hanging next to the furnace, but my fingers keep getting singed… You don’t suppose I have to put them on do you?

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