First Pipe Smoke

I just got my shipment of tobaccos, and lit my first pipe. I got a sampler of tobaccos from an online supplier, it came with 5 x 1oz packages of various types: Prairie Wind, Alamosa, Bakerstreet, Imagine, and Weysbridge.

I gathered up my $5 corncob pipe, some Blackberry juice, and the Praire Wind. I packed using the Frank Method, and lit up. It didn’t go so well. I kept having to relight, but that is to be expected given I have never really done this before. After I got about half way down, I packed it a little tighter and sure enough it just started burning.

At this point, I was able to just sit back and watch the sun set.

There was a lot of smoking going on — in the future, I think I will only half-fill the bowl — but all in all, I really enjoyed the experience and am looking forward to smoking more in the future.


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