We have several varieties of Apples. For the most part, these aren’t great eating apples, but do make excellent baking apples. Harvesting Apples should be our biggest problem.


One of our neighbors has suggested “shaking” the tree. He is purchasing a “tree shaker” for his tractor, but described his technique to us. It is a simple matter of laying blankets or a tarp under the tree, and then having one person climb up and give the branches a good shake. The tarps can then be pulled up at the corners to gather up the apples.

While this idea sounds good, and is touted as the obvious solution, standing on branches and jumping in the dense foilage of overgrown trees is extremely difficult.

Fruit Bags

25 Kilo feed sacks are conveniently sized for holding about 20 Kilos of apples. The only trick is to tie of the top.


I have no idea how to go about this, but it does need doing periodically.

There is some reference at U of BC:


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