Trees on our Property

We have a significant portion of our land that is dedicated to treed forest. This is good for several reasons:

  1. I don’t want to mow any more lawn. I want the land, but until I am ready to use it for agriculture, I am glad to have it growing as a forest.
  2. We fuel our home with wood. All of those trees out there repesent home heating fuel.
  3. The trees themselves are an agricultural product.
  4. Wildlife in the forest represents a valuable asset that can be managed. Land-Lords used to set up their land to foster certain types of wild animals and then hunt those animals for income, representing a very sustainable and cooperative approach to agriculture.

So having this forest, means I have to learn about Forestry and Silviculture, and how to extract value over the long haul.

First step: identify what I currently have?

Stag-horn Sumac


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