Wild Crops

I just find wild crops interesting.

At some point everything we plant, grow, harvest, raise… anything we eat, occured in nature in soem form or another. Over time humans have taken some of these wild plants and formed co-operative relationships with some of them: we offer protection, they offer more productive food stuffs.

Take the wild strawberry for example. Its fruits are useless to humans. The effort required to collect wild strawberries is a clear indication that it is not worth the effort to gather them. Leave them to the birds and squirrels. That is infact part of the survival strategy of the wild strawberry. A lot of its berries are missed by animals because they are so small.

Its fascinating the difference between wild and domestic crops.

In the end, humans did survive simply on wild crops as hunter/gatherers, some of the plants they would have consumed are still all around us.

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