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  1. Hi I am in the midst of a wry neck problem with my beautiful swiss fox kiteen. She is 10 weeks old and Im have a similar problem you had with Stew… I am applying your methods but I am having do much trouble purchasing the ivomec…. I have been able to get a sheep wormer called Virbamec plus selenium.. it has ivomectin in it but I would like to know if this is ok to use instead of a cattle wormer? My vet here in Tassie really canthelp and I am at a crossroads as to use the one I have or keep looking? I really need your help 🙂 Thankyou somuch for your time Regards, Jodie

    1. Short Answer: I’m not a veterinarian, I can’t say.

      Long Answer:
      Ivermectin is the active medical ingredient. I used a paste advertised for horses (1.87% oral) rather than the cattle product (1% injectable). I’m a big fan of generic medications for myself, and don’t see the point of fussing over brand name in my animals. My ferret got meds from the human pharmacy, I’ve personally used meds from the local Ag Store. I feel that more important than the picture on the box, is the concentration of the active medical ingredient. In your case, the medical ingredient is Ivermectin (the dewormer), I’d figure out what effect the Selenium (Wikipedia#Selenium) is going to have, and start studying and crunching the numbers.

      Stew was 9 years old, and the veterinarian was advising euthanization, there was nothing to loose so I rolled the dice. Your case is compounded by the fact that your rabbit is only 10 weeks old. I don’t know what the appropriate dosage is for an animal that young, and suspect that this would make it a different answer.

      If I sound like I’m waffling, its because I am. I can’t give medical/veterinary advise. Even if I could, I don’t think I have enough information about your case. I can describe what I think worked for me, in my case, but you will have to make the judgement call in your case. If you are uncomfortable making that decision or judgement call, ask your vet or pharmacist. If your vet can’t help with calculating a medical dosage: find a different vet (that’s a basic skill). If your vet won’t help you… you will have to take care of the situation without their help.

      Good luck.

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