Apple Cider

The best I can tell, the difference between Apple Cider and Apple Juice, is the amount of processing

I haven’t actually tried this yet, but I have a couple of trees full of apples that need dealing with…


Makes one Gallon

  • 4 Kilos of Apples

No really that’s all you need


  1. Blend the apples. The finer the better.
  2. Strain out the juice

This is easier said than done, and a special machine is made for doing this: a Cider Press. Buy or rent one.

From here it is standard wine making procedure. There is sufficient sugar in the apples to do the job, so no more sugar is required. The wild yeasts should be sufficient to get the process going. So really, you should be able to skip the primary all together and go straight to the carboy.


I wonder if it would be possible to just blend a bunch of apples, throw them into a primary and wait for gravity to separate the juice from the apple. Probably not, but it would make for an interesting experiment.


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