I got this recipe from somewhere online, and pass it on here. This is the simplest mead I know to make and it was chosen for its simplicity in making, its simplicity in ingredients, and how hard it is for me to screw it up.

There is only one way to screw up this recipe: start with low quality honey. The first time I made this, I went to the grocery store and bought $100 worth of honey. The mead was terrible. The next time I bought some unpasteurized honey with bee bits in it from some local hobby bee-keeper. It was wonderful. The less humans have touched the honey, the better.


Makes one gallon

  • 1 kilo Honey
  • 1 Lemon
  • 1 bag Tea


  1. Boil the living hell out of the tea bag
  2. Peel the lemon
  3. Turn off heat and wait for boiling to stop
  4. Squeeze/Grind/mash the lemon into water… I usually do this with my hand and a fork, but a blender would work
  5. Melt the honey into the water

Now you have your mash… add it into the primary and follow your standard wine making instructions from here on in.


Most wine recipes call for sugar to be added to the mixture. Sugar is food for yeast, and is required for them to do their work. There is no sugar to add for this recipe because honey is basically pure sugar anyway.

I read somewhere that mead went out of favour in Europe because it was too expensive. Honey, being pure sugar, was so expensive that it was cheaper to import grape wine from Italy than it was to acquire honey locally. This meant that even the nobility of England could not afford to consume mead, and over time its memory was lost to even the Kings and Queens.


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