This is a very heavy cut, and the flavour matches. It has a fairly rich flavour, but I am having a hell of a time keeping it burning unless I have packed a complete bowl (which takes forever to smoke). I think I like the Prairie Wind  better.

Prairie Wind

My first pipe tobacco, have smoked one ounce. The shred was nice, and packed well. There wasn’t much for flavour though.

Baker Street

This is my favourite of the sampler I purchased.

Captain Black (White)

I was at firefighter school one evening when one of the guys pulled out his tobacco. After a brief exchange, I am never going back to the Baker Street. The White has a very bold and rich flavour that, in hindsight, may be a little overwhelming. This was the first tobacco that The Wife has complained about the lingering smell with.

Captain Black (Gold)

I went to the corner store, and they didn’t have any Captain Black White… so after a brief discussion with the clerk, I settled on the Gold. It has a nice, mild, flavour, and a fine cut. I’m really enjoying it so far. I’m wondering if this may make a good regular tobacco with the boldness of the White making for a periodic treat.


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