H1N1 Hoax

Well, apparently I’ve been left out of the loop.

We are witnesssing a gigantic misallocation of resources in terms of public health. Governments and public health services are wasting huge amounts of money in investing in pandemic diseases whose evidence base is weak.

Basically, around January, a bunch of EU Parliments decided that something was wrong with this. That people were supposed to be dropping like flies. The world was ending, the sky was falling… oh wait.

The Wife and I had wondered about this through the whole episode. We kept waiting for news of deaths in our region, but noticed that media sources would quote hundreds sick with flu like symptoms, and a mounting death-toll, but had only heard of 2 deaths, and even they were in cases of compromised immune systems.

I used to work in a nursing home, something you learn there is that people die from the flu every year. It’s just the way it is. In the end, this did not appear to be anything more than the 2009’s seasonal flu, with a lot more media attention.

The only question we really had left was why all the media attention, who was going to gain from this, and what were they going to gain? That’s irked me from the start. As a case study its fascinating, I speak with people who are still scared, but to this day do not know what they are scared of.

The real pandemic was the fear, scared people are angry people, and angry people are dangerous people.

Being led by others, with unknown motives, is not the way.


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