My busy Sunday:
1. Spent an hour plowing my driveway to get out
2. Realized I had 10 minutes to get to Firehall for meeting
3. Threw license plate in truck cab and go
3. Get to Firehall, notice I have a flat tire
4. Suit up for ice rescue training
5. Four hours on the ice (lot's of fun)
6. Clean rescue equipment, start barbeque, fire alarm goes off
7. Respond to commercial fire alarm, as most Junior member, I don't get to go
- take the oportunity to pull my truck into the firehall and fill my flat tire
- also borrow some tools to put my license plate on my truck
8. Nothing call, everyone back in an hour
9. Restart barbeque
10. Get home tire, tired and exhausted, and neighbors phone asking who we use to plow our driveway, their guy's truck is broken down.
11. After half an hour of plowing their drive (and getting stuck once), it's 7 in the evening and I finally get to stop

What a crazy day!