Fine, if a landlord does not want you to have firearms, he can place that rule on his rental. If the TCHC, as a landlord, wants to evict gun owners, that is their prerogative. 

Where does the head of the TCHC get off threatening gun owners with arrest?

I hate to mention to him: it is legal to own firearms in Canada. What crime does he plan on charging gun owners with? 

There is a big distinction to be made between legal pistol owners (who keep firearms locked away in their home or at the club) and the couple gang bangers illegally roaming the streets with gun in belt.


I just re-read the article, and noticed that the head of the TCHC made this statement (originally I thought it was a neighbor):

"Kids have guns that shouldn't have guns. We just gotta get those guns off the street — plain and simple" There is so much wrong with these statements that it is mind boggling.

First of all the first statement should read, "Kids have guns. Kids shouldn't have guns." It is illegal for anyone under 18 to own a firearm.

Secondly, guns on the street, are not the same as guns in the home. Forbidding gun owners from living in the housing units will not get guns off the streets, or make them safer in anyway what so ever.