This is a list of must-have tools. Some of them I have, some of them I still need

Round point and square nose shovels, preferably heavy-duty variety with extra long blade socket.

Pick axe

Pulaski axe

Rig builder’s hatchet


Bow saw

24-oz. framing hammer

Sledge hammer

Digging bars, preferably both pointed and chisel tip varieties; crow bars.

Leather or synthetic work gloves

Protective eye wear

Hard hats

Dust masks

Contractor-grade wheel barrows

Bolt cutters

Large-diameter heavy-duty weatherproof rope; small-diameter light-duty line

Rope hoist/pulley, minimum 250-lb. capacity

Folding knife


8-point crosscut saw

  1. Carpenter’s pencil

  2. Carpenter’s square

  3. Framing hammers and carpenter’s hammers—smaller sizes for various family members, in addition to the 24-ounce tool above.

  4. 25-foot Metric/English tape rule

  5. Bit Brace and a set of solid-center auger bits, ¼ inch through 1 inch

  6. Utility knife, spare blades

  7. High-tension hacksaw and selection of spare blades


1/2 inch exterior-grade plywood, which has the structural stability to help frame out a building’s wall.

  1. 2 x 4 x 8 lumber by the pallet

  2. 8-d common nails

  3. 12-d and 16-d common nails

  4. blue tarps in various sizes (5 x 7, 10 x 10, 12 x 20)

  5. 6-mil plastic sheet, roll

  6. 5-gallon plastic buckets

  7. Self-stick roll roofing


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