Vital Statistics

Stupid random crap about me… Can you believe people care about this stuff.

Horoscope: Sagicorn

Signs_101_sagittarius Signs_101_capricorn

Myers-Briggs: INTJ

INTJ future

Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence

Political Spectrum

  • 1.88 – Economically Liberal
  • 5.28 – Socially Liberal

Basically, do whatever you want, just don’t bug me with it!! This makes it very difficult for me to vote in elections since there is no party that even remotely represents my interests.

IQ: 136

Turns out I don’t qualify for the Triple 9 society, though I am vain enough to test myself.

Results for: JeffCave
Questions Answered Correctly: 24
Total Test Questions: 36
Questions Not Answered: 0
Test Standard Deviation: 15 IQ points
IQ Score: 136
IQ Percentile: 99.2

IQ Comparison Site

All IQ Tests – True or False IQ Tests 15 points 142 IQ


I’m an arrogant twat. I’m so glad we got that crap out of the way.

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